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Substrate Validator Toolkit

Beautiful, simple, open-source solution that validators deserve, brought to you by Helikon.

What is SubVT?

SubVT (Substrate Validator Toolkit) is an open-source native mobile application for iOS and Android phones, tablets and wearables that provides node operators with tools that aid them in running their validators on Substrate-based blockchain networks.

Development of SubVT is proudly supported by the Kusama Treasury.

Monitor Your Network

Use SubVT to observe supported Substrate-based proof-of-stake blockchain networks. Display live network status, list of validators and their activities and details, all in real-time, block-by-block.

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Observe Your Validators

Bookmark your validators and define notification rules for them to receive push, email and SMS notifications, and even phone calls for emergencies.

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Understand Your Network

SubVT provides you with detailed past era and validator activity reports. Gain insight and understanding about the network and staking dynamics to improve the performance of your validators.

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Soon™: Beyond the Blocks

Telemetry support is coming soon to SubVT: get even more reports and notifications about your validators' peer count, upload and download bandwidth, block height, client version and more.

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